Lychee Fruit Selections

This "King of Fruits" as it is called in South China, is a rare sub tropical fruit that is quickly becoming a favorite here in the USA. When you peel off the bumpy red skin you are introduced to the crisp, sweet and juicy flesh of the Lychee. The Lychee has a unique taste all its own that you are sure to enjoy!

They are also high in anti-oxidants, vitamin C and potassium. there are several varieties of the Lychee including our favorites The Brewster, The Mauritius and The Ha-Kip. The Lychee is by far one of our super star products, so be sure to get your orders in early, we dont want you to miss out! Available in early June!

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Sweet Heart Lychee Fruit

The Sweet HeartTM is a large red fruit with mostly small seeds. This I also called lychee nut or litchi.

18$ / lb

Mauritius Lychee Fruit

The Mauritius lychee fruit is relatively mid sized with a small seed. The color is green & red/pink.

from 14$ / lb

Brewster Lychee Fruit

The Brewster is dark red to purplish in color when fuly ripe and the flesh (aril)is very sweet and juicy.

from 16$ / lb

Emperor Lychee Fruit

We now have Emperor fruit available. Emperor fruit is large and crisp with a fine sub-acid sweet flavor.

from 16$ / lb

Kaimana Lychee Fruit

The Kaimana is a large red fruit with mostly with medium size seeds. This I also called lychee nut or litchi.