Mauritius Lychee Fruit

The Mauritius variety is the most popular lychee grown commercially in the continental United States, primarily grown in South & Central Florida. The commercial popularity of the Mauritius lychee is due to an early fruiting season and reliable fruit bearing year after year.

The Mauritius lychee fruit is relatively mid sized with a small seed. The color is green & red/pink. The taste is slightly more tart than the other varieties of lychee fruit.

Each lychee fruit that is picked is personally selected by us for the maximum quality & ripeness. We pick no lychee before it's time! Then we hand pick the fruit ourselves and ship it to you the same day it is picked so that you get the freshest lychee fruit (lychee nut) available in our grove.


We guarantees the freshness of all Next Day (1) or Two Day (2) Air shipped fruit. We recommend selection of the Next Day Air shipping option for optimum freshness. Shipments within Florida can go ground. Refrigerate as soon as you receive your lychee fruit.

Minimum order per variety is 5 lbs.

NOTE: We cannot ship to California as fruit from our area of Florida is presently under quarantine.