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Welcome to Luscious Lychees

Here at Luscious Lychees we strive to bring you the prize harvest of the finest fruits and vegetables the warm and sunny south has to offer. A hobby turned into a passion has resulted into the discovery of the best producers of all these tropical gems, and we want to share them with you and be your connection for exotic fruit on-line.

From the finest "Roselle", that tasty red zinger that is grown right here in our own fields, along with the up and coming super star "Lychee Fruit" that is quickly becoming a favorite from coast to coast, to the sweetest "Jack Fruit" from one of our blue ribbon growers, you will find that our NON-GMO, heirloom on-line fruits are superior in taste and quality to anything you might find in your local supermarket.

  • Your prime source for tropical fruit on-line
  • We sell only what we ourselves produce!